One of the main factors which contribute towards a property’s value, and how attractive a home is towards a buyer, is the house’s interior and exterior colours. Having a unique colour will help your property stand out in your street. Real estate agents have recently been putting emphasis on a properties decoration and painting; and not simply for aesthetics purposes, as it can significantly increase the value of your property. There are several points that you must consider before you begin painting the exterior or interior of your property, especially as each house’s style and decoration is unique. 

The first step is to decide your mood. Decide between a cheery, subdued, bright, warm, cool or a reflective theme. It is perfectly okay to have your own preferences here, as everyone has differing tastes. Once you’ve decided, choose your paint accordingly. It is also important to consider the place you’re painting as your theme should match accordingly to the interior architecture and furniture within the space. To choose the right colour, you should also consider the lighting within the room and how it makes your interior look.

You have to choose your exterior paint carefully. It is imperative that you take your surroundings into consideration, as you want you place to stand out but not be bizarre within the environment. The colour you choose for your exterior can have a tremendous effect on the vibe of your home. 

Image of a new homeowners painting brush

Seeking professional help if you’re having any difficulties or are confused by the process is highly recommended. Within Australia, most of the reputable residential painting services are willing to work closely with you to help you choose the right colour for the exterior of your home. 

If you do choose to hire a professional for your residential painting project, it is best to hire a professional contractor that specialises in painting. It can now be quite difficult finding the right company who will meet all of your criteria, therefore, there are several factors you should consider before hiring any professional help for the interior or exterior of your home. 

You should never try and save money at the cost of professionalism. While some companies may provide an unbeatable quote, more often than not, the best results come from investing in the companies you hire. If you hire cheaply, there is a higher chance that the employees they hire are then under trained and unprofessional. Why risk the disastrous standards of cheap contractors when you could save in the long-term by investing at the start?

Also consider:

  • Try to hire a contractor who is accredited by Dulux, MTA, or any other reputable body.
  • Ensure your contractor is abiding by the Work Health and Safety Compliant.
  • Providing the contractor with paint or specify a reputable brand you would want them to use on your home.
  • Finding a contractor who closely works with colour experts. 
  • Hiring contractors who are known to meet, and exceed, the standards set by the painting industry. 

Hiring the right painting company is not an easy task, but it can be a tremendous help when planning and executing your project. Choosing the right colour for the interior and exterior of your home demonstrates what is unique about you and shows off your creativity, so be sure to take care when deciding.