An open floor plan is trending currently – and we love it! Though this is a desirable plan for potential homeowners and renters, an open plan interior is not easy to accomplish and even more difficult to decorate. In particular, picking a colour scheme can be challenging.

Too much colour can be overwhelming while the wrong colour can create dull, small and boring spaces. The act of choosing your colour scheme in an open plan space is daunting, so we’ve put together a few tips we hope will help you make the right decision when painting and decorating your open living space.

1. Stick to a single colour.

If you don’t want your space to be overwhelming, it might be best to keep things simple by choosing a singular colour when painting your space. Neutral wall colours are also trending currently and work really well in open-plan spaces where different lighting may slightly alter the hue tones in each area, creating small pockets of change within the space.

2. Use tonal variations.

If you want to add flair to your open space without it being overwhelming by using a variety of colours, try using a monochromatic colour scheme by using different tones of the one colour. Stick to one colour and simply change the intensity of lightness and darkness to create a subtle and charming space.

3. Use strong accent colours.

You can use small bursts of bright colours to break up space in your home and even create a sense of comfort. This can be as simple as adding this accent colour into decorations like picture frames and furniture to more bold choices such as painting the entire wall.

4. Familiarise yourself with the colour wheel.

The colour wheel is a fantastic tool when it comes to creating a colour scheme as it allows you to see the way different colours work together and which colours will create a sense of balance in your space.

5. Try textures.

If you don’t like bold colours, maybe try adding texture to your space such as stippling, sponging or colour washing. To create a cohesive space, it is best to include a smoother finished wall with the same colour.

6. Use soft neutrals.

While neutral colour schemes are safe and trending, they can also be seen as tacky and generic. If you do decide to use neutral colours, soft, warm neutrals can create a dynamic and welcoming space and possibly provide visual relief from accent walls or vivid colour schemes.

7. Use colour symmetry in unexpected places.

If you want to change up your open plan spaces, try adding a pop of colour in an unexpected place to completely change the room. Focus on areas like shelving, windows, doorways, ceilings and staircases to spice up your space.

8. Use architectural features.

A great way to utilise colour in your space is to break up softer tones with darker shades. Paint window frames, ceiling beams, radiators, ducts, and more to create a stylish and comfortable living space.

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